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Holiday Apartment | Texel, Niederlande

A small, beautiful, feel-good apartment
For two people

With the purchase of this little holiday property in the “Residence de Pelikaan” apartment complex in November 2019, a long-cherished dream of ours became a reality. A deep and long-standing connection to the island of Texel found its expression in the fact that we wanted to have our own nest/getaway in this, our favourite place. Lots of planning and work went into it. The rooms were completely renovated and modernised and everything was furnished in such a way that we were able to feel at home there. Now we hope that our guests will do the same.
Have a look around!
Our special thanks go to Tom Tex ( and his staff, who made “everything possible” structurally.

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Ferienwohnung Texel, Niederlande, exklusives Wohnzimmer
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This stylish apartment is situated in a prime location on Texel – directly on the edge of the forest and less than 2 km from the sea and beach. 
Comfort, well-being and aesthetics are close to our hearts and have played a major role in the apartment’s design.
But functionality and technology are also important. That’s why there are great appliances, many different light sources, 
excellent Wi-Fi, ...
Our holiday apartment is ideal for cosy hours at home and as an ideal location for excursions and activities.
​Take a look at the special features below ..

Ferienwohnung mit Terrasse, Texelnest
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Chatting, playing, writing, painting, making things ...

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Relaxing, reading, listening to music, watching TV ...

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Unwinding, dreaming, feeling good ...

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Small, classy, practical ...

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Enjoy nature, soak up the sun, leave all your cares behind ...

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