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Texelnest  |  Holiday Apartment | Texel, Niederlande

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.. is the largest and westernmost of the West Frisian islands. Over an area of about 23 km in length and 9 km in width, it offers lots of attractions for holidaymakers, on which the approx. 14,000 inhabitants mainly depend.
The first thing that catches the eye are the beautiful natural landscapes on Texel: 30 km of sandy beach, mudflats, dunes, forest... The nature reserves “De Muy” and “De Slufter” are particular highlights.

But also the little island villages are worth seeing: De Koog as a tourist centre, Den Burg as the only place with an urban character and lots of small shops that invite you to stroll around and some good restaurants, Oudeschild with its fishing and marina, or the other small, old villages where you can simply wander around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Texel not only invites you to relax and unwind, but also offers a wealth of possibilities for sporting activities: walking and hiking, all kinds of water sports, cycling on the 140 km of cycle paths, swimming in the Calluna swimming pool, and, and, and...there is even a little sports airfield with the chance to go parachute jumping!

Apart from nature, there are also other sights e.g. the nature museum “Ecomare” with its bird and seal rescue station. If you want to learn more about Texel’s history, visit the “Kap-Skil” museum in Oudeschild. 

Texel also has a lot to offer in the way of cuisine. Over the past few years, a number of very good restaurants have been established where you can dine out in style. Here we’ll only reveal our absolutely favourite restaurant, the “Freya”, for which you should reserve a table three weeks in advance, and that there is even an excellent star-rated restaurant on the island in Den Horn (“Bij Jef”). Booking early is also necessary there.

But we must also mention the delicious “Appelballen” in winter from the Timmer bakery and the “world’s best” sourdough bread from Novalishoeve.

​Special events are regularly held on Texel throughout the year. Here we’ll just mention the “Ronde om Texel”, the world’s largest catamaran race, or the jazz festival.

The advantages that Texel enjoys can only be partially described here, but they should give you a first impression of how much this island has to offer and invite you to explore it more thoroughly.

You’ll find a wealth of further information and suggestions in the folders available for you in our TexelNest.

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